Letter from the Director of First Year Experience

Welcome to MBU! I am so excited you are here.

My name is Marie Tudor and I am the Director of First Year Experience. Basically, that means I get paid to hang out with college students. How awesome is that? I started at MBU as a student and loved it so much I’ve never left. During my undergrad days, I was an RA (resident assistant) and I worked both on- and off-campus. I was a first generation student (neither of my parents graduated from college) so I had a lot of questions! I am so thankful that there were people in place to make sure I didn’t get lost. I graduated from MBU in 2005 with a BA in Religion and BS in Psychology and then completed my graduate work in 2007 with an MACM in Biblical Languages. I’ve worked in several departments at MBU, but my favorite, by far, is First Year Experience. That’s because it means I get to hang out with you!

Your first year at college is an exciting time! Many of you will be moving away from home for the first time. Some of you will play on an athletic team or participate in a music group. Others will join Student Activities or Enactus SIFE @MBU. Some of you will be Biology majors, Criminal Justice majors, or Sports Management majors. Some of you want to be teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers. Others of you have no clue what you want to be when you “grow up”. And that’s okay. We’ll help you figure that out. Every one of you has a different story and a different path, but you all have one thing in common. God has brought you together here in this time and this place!

Marie Tudor, Director of First Year Experience