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The Career Services Office utilizes the Focus 2 software program to assist job seekers interested in exploring career options, as well as students choosing a program of study. Focus 2 is an Internet-based program that allows the user to access both on- and off-campus. In addition, Focus 2 provides the user access to information about occupations, graduate schools, external degree programs, scholarships, financial aid and non-traditional ways of earning college credit. Participants must gain a password to access the program. Passwords are available in the Career Services Office.

On-Campus Recruiting

Each semester, employers visit our campus to meet and conduct job interviews with qualified candidates. These interviews are open to current students and alumni. Information will be posted listing the name, date, and time of each participating employer prior to the event.

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

Career Services offers assistance and resources for resumes and/or cover letters. All current students and alumni are eligible for this service.


Career Services periodically sponsors seminars and events to educate students and alumni who are seeking to enhance their job-seeking skills. Seminar topics, dates and registration information will be posted prior to each event through the Career Services website, MBU Link and Facebook.

Credential Files

Education majors are encouraged to establish a credential file upon the start of their job search. Documents within a credential file typically include: a resume, three professional letters of recommendation, a copy of your transcript, a copy of your certificate (if one has not been attained yet, a letter from the Education Division explaining your current status is sufficient). Missouri Baptist University uses INTERFOLIO to manage and maintain the credential files of our students and alumni. Users pay a yearly fee to electronically store any or all documents for their file, and have 24-hour access to the system. Any student or alumni may register with INTERFOLIO to manage their credentials, and all education students are strongly encouraged to register.

Career Fairs

The Career Services Office sponsors a variety of recruiting events throughout the year. Some of the events sponsored include the Fall Job Fair, Ministry Month, Seminary Week and a spring semester education job fair. Students and alumni can use these key opportunities to meet and speak with recruiters from various employers and seminaries.

Online Career Library

VAULT, MBU’s online career library system, has hundreds of resources including career journals, reports and statistical data on the job market. Accessing the system requires an active MBU e-mail address. Students can use VAULT to research employers, industries and career subjects easily and efficiently.

Online Job Search

Career Services offers applicant registration for students or alumni who seek assistance in their job search. They may register through MBU Link to gain first-hand access to job referrals and job listings in their related field. Upon registering, students gain access to a database of employers and job opportunities, and also have the option of uploading their resume to submit to employers.

MBU Link is an online job search tool utilized by the Career Services Office of Missouri Baptist University. The NACElink Network supports MBU Link. All data included in MBU Link will be stored on the NACElink servers. View the NACE link Network Policy for more information. Although MBU Link is supported by the NACElink network, it operates independently. Opportunities and information posted through the NACElink network are not necessarily endorsed by Missouri Baptist University. MBU Link is reserved only for students and alumni of Missouri Baptist University and employers who are approved access to use the system. Career Services reserves the right to deny any applicant and/or employer permissions, if it is determined that fraud, abuse or similar actions have occurred.
There is no fee for Employers who register with MBULink. However, there is a fee when registering with NACELink or the multi-school registration.
MBU Career Services only accepts employers who represent a company or organization in which applicants are not required to make an upfront purchase or financial investment.  Positions that are considered as entrepreneurial or business opportunities are not permitted in MBU Link.

Missouri Baptist Career Services expects that any employer or third-party organizations representing an employer that uses MBU Link, for the purpose of recruiting full-time, part-time, and temporary employees or interns , complies with federal and state equal employment opportunity laws in its’ recruiting and hiring. Missouri Baptist University Career Services also expects that employers, third-party organizations, and their representatives strive to eliminate all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment in their recruiting, hiring, and selection process. Inquires or complaints should be directed to the Director of Career Services

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By establishing an account on the MBU Link system you are agreeing to comply with the above terms and conditions:


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