Off Campus Ministry

Missouri Baptist University believes in connecting our students who are called into ministry to local congregations. MBU students or alumni can find ministry positions posted here. To post an off-campus ministry position, please email MBU Campus Minister.

Go to the people of all nations and make them my disciples. Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to do everything I have told you. I will be with you always, even until the end of the world.Matthew 28:19-20

Last Update 11/21/2016

The Crossing (St. Peters, MO)


Category: Youth Crossing Creative Arts Coordinator – Mid Rivers
Job Type: Full Time
Location: 6000 West Geneva Drive St. Peters, MO 63376


This full time position will be an on the ground person at one of our campuses creating, producing, and executing weekly YouthCrossing worship services. There will be a lot of team leading with both adults and students.  Beyond that, there will be some responsibility to oversee planning center (scheduling software for bands and technical teams) as well as our audition process for student bands.  There might be a little bit of worship leading in there as well. If you can lead students in doing any of that you are headed in the right direction.  And in all of it you’ve got to be an eager learner and quick adapter.  In the end you’ve got to bleed for creating a safe, fun, creative, and engaging worship environment for students all over the spiritual spectrum to take steps on their journey with Jesus.  And when I say “all over the spiritual spectrum” I mean just that.

Job Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Manage, lead, recruit, and oversee campus volunteer teams (music and technical)
  • Assist in creating/planning powerful, engaging worship services for students 6th-12th grade
  • Assist in creating/executing various elements for youth services and YouthCrossing in general (e.g. graphic design projects, videos, physical art, stage designs, etc.) *based on individual skill sets
  • Produce weekly youth worship services at assigned campus
  • Oversee administration of planning center (scheduling bands/technical teams)
  • Oversee audition process for student bands
  • Assist in producing various annual events, camps, retreats, etc.
  • Be a part of weekly programming/brainstorming meetings
  • Be a pastoral presence at weekly YouthCrossing services

Desired Skills and Job Requirements:

  • Ability to play one or more instruments
  • Basic understanding of music theory
  • Adequate ability to sing (determined by audition)
  • Able to understand and learn technical systems quickly

Requirements Education:

  • Four-year college degree in music, worship ministry, youth ministry or equivalent
  • Minimum 2-years experience in youth ministry, worship ministry, or equivalent

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To Apply:

Send your resume, cover letter, to Datra DeNoyer at


Category: Room Coordinator K-2nd
Job Type: Part-Time (28 Hours Per Week) weekday/weekend combination
Location: 6000 West Geneva Drive St. Peters, MO 63376


The Room Coordinator is responsible for implementing the curriculum during weekend services in the Mid Rivers Kids Crossing rooms.  Moreover, the Room Coordinator will provide leadership in the room on the weekend for all volunteers and children.  It’s the Room Coordinator’s goal to foster a high quality, fun, safe, and relational environment within the KidsCrossing rooms.  The Room Coordinator must be a highly relational and flexible person who can manage people as they lead volunteer teams to develop children spiritually through weekends and events. The ideal candidate for this position will have a passion for Jesus Christ, the vision of The Crossing and for reaching and developing children to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Job Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Oversee the implementation of the curriculum program on weekends.
    • Schedule, train, and equip volunteers.
    • Fill in as needed.
    • Implement new stage sets when needed.
    • Ensure that the rooms are set with the appropriate materials for the coming weekend.
    • Send a weekly team email to the volunteers of your room.
    • Load ProPresenter onto the computer each week and prepare other basic tech needs for the weekend.
    • Serve as the producer and run rehearsals for the large group program on the weekend.
    • Give appropriate feedback to LGCs during rehearsals and after services.
    • Create and continually update a fun “hang time” environment. 
  • Connect with parents.
    • Talk to parents about behavior issues when needed.
    • Communicate regarding incidents/accidents and follow up during week when necessary.
    • Communicate encouragement or praises regarding their kid.
  • Oversee all volunteers
    • Actively manage the volunteer schedule for the rooms.
    • Actively work to fill holes in schedule.
    • Mobilize your volunteer team to recruit new members to the team.
    • Identify key leaders so that you can begin investing in them and challenge them toward growth.
    • Coordinate team building/social events (i.e. pool party, pie nights, etc.)
    • Be available to respond to crises (hospital visits, funerals, etc.)

Desired Skills and Job Requirements:

  • Spiritual Maturity
  • Team builder
  • Trustworthy, reliable, teachable, humble, flexible
  • Team player
  • Passionate about The Crossing and a relationship with God

Requirements Education:

  • Experience working in children’s ministry, as staff or volunteer
  • Ability to work weekends
  • Knowledge of child development

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To Apply:

Send your resume, cover letter, to Datra DeNoyer at


Category: Bookstore Associate
Job Type: Part-Time 18 Hours/Week (6 weekend hours + 12 weekday hours)
Location: 6000 West Geneva Drive St. Peters, MO 63376


Under the supervision of the Bookstore Manager the Mid Rivers Bookstore Associate will provide operational leadership at the Mid Rivers Bookstore and work alongside the Pastoral staff to facilitate the spiritual growth of our church community through resources and materials available in the Mid Rivers bookstore. He/she will also be responsible for recruiting, training, and leading volunteer teams to staff the Mid Rivers store as needed on weekends and for designated classes and special events.

Job Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Ordering and stocking appropriate resources and materials for our Mid Rivers campus bookstore.
  • Recruiting, training, and leading volunteers to serve in the Mid Rivers campus bookstore.
  • Creating a safe and inviting environment so that customers feel comfortable asking questions and seeking resources that help deepen their relationship with Jesus.
  • Communicate and work with the Mid Rivers staff including attending staff functions, meetings, special events and the Mid Rivers Newcomer’s Dinner.
  • Performing operational duties such as balancing the cash drawer, generating sales reports, and maintaining accurate inventory.

Desired Skills and Job Requirements:

  • Passionate about their relationship with God
  • Passionate about the spiritual growth of self and others
  • Passionate about The Crossing
  • Team Player
  • Trustworthy, reliable, teachable, humble, flexible
  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to keep information confidential

Requirements Education:

  • N/A

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To Apply:

Send your resume, cover letter, to Datra DeNoyer at

Ellisville – First Baptist Church 


Category: Male Youth Intern
Job Type: Internship
Location: 137 Clarkson Road Ellisville, MO 63011

Principle Function:  The Male Youth Intern is responsible for assisting the Student Minister for leading students (Middle School, High School, and University), workers, and the church family in the development and coordination of Student Ministries.


  1. To serve the students at FBCE by mentoring, teaching and modeling a Christ-centered life.
  2. Assist the Student Minister in planning, organizing, preparing, and implementing youth events.
  3. Focus on investing in development of students’ walk with the Lord through regular discipleship, mentoring, counseling and teaching.
  4. Participation in Sunday morning and evening activities, Wednesday night activities, scheduled events, camps, mission trips and spontaneous ministry opportunities.
  5. Connecting and investing in the lives of students on and off church campus.
  6. Set aside time each week to be in the office.
  7. Participate in activities that develop you as a minister in the Kingdom of God.
  8. Assist in recruiting student ministry workers.
  9. Keep informed on student ministry methods and materials, participating in workshops, seminars, and other training as appropriate.
  10. Contribute to church communications as requested.
  11. Assist in the social media presence of the youth ministry.
  12. Communicate regularly with youth and youth parents through emails, website, social media, meetings, etc. to keep youth and parents informed.
  13. Handle all responsibilities of Student Ministry in the Student Minister’s absence.

Supervisor:  Minister to Students

To Apply:

Contact Lee White @ or call (636) 227-1383

First Baptist Church – Union Missouri


Category: Worship Leader Interim
Job Type: Internship
Location: 801 US-50 E, 63084-2248 Union, United States

Principal Function

The worship leader reports directly to the Associate Pastor and Senior Pastor, dually, and is responsible for the total music ministry of the church, the purpose of which is to aid the saints in glorifying and worshipping God, evangelizing the lost, and teaching sound doctrine.  All music shall be doctrinally sound.  This position requires approximately 6 to 8 hours weekly. Note:  while these are the desired functions and responsibilities, they are negotiable depending on the availability/interest of the successful candidate.


  1. Direct the planning, organizing, conducting, and evaluating of a comprehensive music program in preparing groups, soloists, and choirs for internal and external ministry.
  2. Work with the ministerial staff on special music needs in the total church program.
  3. Supervise the work of all music ministry staff, including the adult and youth choir leaders (if different than the worship leader).
  4. Work with the pastor in selecting music for regular and special worship services, including weddings, funerals, and special projects.
  5. Coordinate the music program with the calendar and emphasis of the church.
  6. Monitor the purchasing, maintenance, and replacement of all music-related equipment, supplies, and instruments.
  7. Keep informed on music methods, materials, promotion, and administration, as well as attending conferences or similar events to foster growth and development.
  8. Prepare an annual music budget for approval and administer the budget.
  9. Direct congregational singing at all regularly scheduled worship services.
  10. Assist in the arrangement of an Order of Service for worship services.


  1. Be a born-again believer willing to submit written testimony (required).
  2. Have been baptized by a church recognized by First Baptist Church, Union, MO (required).
  3. Ability to read, understand, and interpret music (required).
  4. Regularly attends worship services (required).
  5. Prior church choir experience (preferred).
  6. Music or similar degree (preferred).

Interested individuals should submit questions, or if applying, a letter of interest, resume, and written testimony to:

Thomas D. Keller at

The Baptist Home Foundation – Jefferson City, Missouri

Student Summer Missions

Category: Student Summer Missions
Job Type: Opportunity
Location: 110 Dover Street Jefferson Missouri 65109



  • Christian-Baptist Nursing Home in western Belarus at Kobrin
    • The House of Mercy at Kobrin, Belarus, has 30 residents. It sits on the campus of Zhemchuzhinka, a children’s camp, where the two ministries interact. (If you have students who would want to work on the campus with children only, please contact John Jackson, FLF Field Services, at 573.330.1247 or mail at
    • Russian language is not required but helpful. Students can stay on a short-term visa up to 90 days. Current passport expiring no earlier than six months after return date to the states.


  • Eldercare Ministry in Cuba
    • Eastern Baptist Convention out of Santiago de Cuba
      • TBHF can use as many as 2-4 students to work in two main areas:
        • Ministry out of local churches to the elderly in their churches and communities
        • Hogar de Ancianos – The Baptist nursing home in the suburbs of Santiago de Cuba (approx 10-15 residents)
      • SBU will be sending a Cuba student team there during January 2018 in partnership with the Future Leadership Foundation.
    • Western Baptist Convention out of Havana
      • There is a possibility of a student team going to the Gaspar de Cardenas Baptist nursing home (approx 30 residents) for ministry service in 2017 plus right now a badly needed rebuild of that campus is underway.
    • Spanish language is not required but helpful, and students are limited to 4 weeks in Cuba on one visa app. The visa app has to be applied for 90 days out. Current passport expiring no earlier than six months after return date to the states.

Guatemala and El Salvador

  • The primary work in both Guatemala and El Salvador will be serving in senior-center type projects through local churches as well as working with the national Baptist eldercare teams on special projects being developed now. work has started with the target groups.
  • Dates are flexible and while passports are required, visas are not.
  • Spanish is not required but helpful.


  • Eben-Ezer Hogar de Ancianos is in a ministry field near Ensenada just south of San Diego that is presently served by a Baptist missionary family from World Venture, who pastored near Sedalia before starting a church plant in CA some years ago. Hogar is a mission partner of FBC, Sedalia.
    • Date of Service: 2017 June 25 – July 20
    • 2- 4 students with interest in compassionate care and working with the elderly
    • Spanish not required but helpful.
    • While passports are required, visas are not.
    • Cost:  $600 plus travel and personal expenses ($300 for housing; $225, food; $75 language and culture training)
    • The ministry will donate in-country travel expenses and ministry expenses, plus some daytime food during time in Ensenada.
      • Day 1 – Travel:  Fly to San Diego on a Saturday, travel to Ensenada
      • Day 2 – Church with the Culps in Ensenada and enjoy Ensenada
      • Day 3-4 – Training Days in Ensenada.  3 hours each day of language training and two days of ministry training with the Culps.  Stay at Suites Malena $15-20/day with 3-4 people per room.
      • Day 5-13 – Travel to Ejido San Jacinto.  Serve at Hogar de Ancianos.  Share the burden of care for the men with the staff, carry out tasks that require extra labor force than typical maintenance, offer special attention to the men and making key upgrades to the ministry of the house, demonstrating the love of Christ in a very practical way.  Will attend church with the men.  Stay at Casa de Bienvenidos: $12/day or Punta Colonet Hotel: $20/day in shared rooms.
      • Day 14 – Travel Home
    • Example Daily Schedule in San Jacinto — activities will change daily
      • 8:30 am – Devotional with Juan and staff
      • 9:30 am – Work at Eben-Ezer Hogar del Ancianos.  Help the staff serve the men and work on projects that are difficult to accomplish in the typical week with only staff-members on site.
      • 1:00 pm – Comida:  Traditional afternoon meal, prepare and serve around 2 pm.  This is special care for the men and offering compassion in the name of Christ.
      • 4:00 pm –  Finish any projects for the day. Debrief and prayer time for the men.
      • 5:30 pm – Return home, enjoy an evening of rest or an excursion to local areas.  On Thursdays or Mondays, join Juan at his church or rehabilitation center for worship service and various other local ministry observations.


  • TBHF can use two students to serve in a medical clinic from 4-8 weeks that focuses on the rural elderly and other rural needs.
    • Dates and costs available on interest shown.
    • We are partnering with Project H.O.P.E.,, whose international headquarters are in Springfield, MO.
    • The on-site Nica staff are Dr. Melba Barrantes Monge, M.D., and pharmacist, Aida Valentina Alvarado Rameriz, both partners with The Baptist Home Foundation.
  • Spanish is not required helpful.
  • While passports are required, visas are not.


  • TBHF has had a request for students to work in the summer of 2017 with the elderly in the Boryslav area about 1.5 hours from L’viv. This includes visitation to apartments of the elderly, food distribution, medicine management, transportation, in-home assistive care responsibilities, ministry in a nursing home, hospital visitation, programs with senior adult meetings and other activities related to such.
  • A Missouri Baptist partner church, Ridgecrest Baptist Church, St. Charles, Dave Iannacone, Associate Pastor of Missions, has been serving as the model in ministry there the past several years and will coach us and the Ukraine leader, Vasyl Typsuko, Associate Pastor, Boryslav Baptist Church, in this student ministry project.
  • Ukrainian language is not required but helpful. Russian language not welcomed.
  • While a current passport is required, a visa is not.

TBH Campuses Ministry

  • The three current TBH campuses with residents have places that would invite student summer service missions’ opportunities with the aging. If you have students who would like to do that, we can visit about each situation individually.  We have one location where this is being done now.  The Center for Global Connections at SBU has about 8-10 students doing mission projects at THB Ozark campus beginning in October 2016. The center’s director and the campus administrator and activities director have worked together to make this a seamless addition to the ministry there.

Interested individuals should contact Roger Hatfield, PhD at

Castlewood Baptist Church – Ballwin, Missouri

Children Youth or Adult Teaching

Category: Children Youth or Adult Teaching
Job Type: Intern
Location: 1214 Kiefer Creek Road. Ballwin, Missouri 63021


We are interested in enlisting students who could help us with age group work with children, youth or adult teaching.  We would be open to student interns who could also receive college credit for their work.

Interested individuals should contact Pastor David Nowell at

Parker Baptist Church – Florissant, Missouri


Category: musicians
Job Type: Volunteer
Location: 2675 Parker Rd, Florissant, MO 63033


My name is Tim Peacock and I am serving interim worship leader at Park Baptist Church in Florissant.  This past Sunday was our Worship Pastor’s last day.  She also played piano.  So at this point we are left with an organ player and using accompaniment tracks for our worship services.

We are seeking volunteer musicians who can come and help us out.  Specifically, we are looking to build a worship band including a wide range of instruments – whatever God sends our way.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could pass this along to anyone who might be willing to help us out.  I think ultimately, we would like to build a couple of worship teams who would rotate weeks for leading.

Interested individuals should contact Tim Peacock at

NMBC WORSHIP LEADER – Defiance, Missouri

Worship Leader/Pianist or Guitarist

Category: Worship Leader/Pianist or Guitarist
Job Type: Part Time
Location: New Melle Baptist Church, 4900 Hwy D, Defiance, Mo (near Wentzville).

Job Description:  Worship selection for Sunday and Wednesday night worship practice.  Lead, develop, organize, and encourage the worship team in both practice and regular worship.  Please send resume to:  Ronald Boyer, Pastor, or contact (314) 324-7618.


(1) Must be a born again Christian and a growing personal relationship with the Lord, and be able to share your testimony during any interview.

(2)  Must understand worship music and be able to connect and communicate with all generations of the membership.

(4)  Will be accountable to the pastor, and communicate with the pastor regarding worship format, at the beginning of the week pastor will give you his sermon title and text to help you plan worship.

(5)  Must be able to effectively incorporate a blended worship with both hymns and contemporary worship music.

(6)  Will be given the discretion to be creative in worship within reason, respect, and reverence for the One we worship.

(7)  Will be responsible for drawing the membership into God’s presence and worship.  And may be asked to lead worship at special services occasionally.

(8)   Would be advantageous for you and the church if you lived within a 35-40 mile radius of the church

Salary:  Dependent upon experience (will discuss during interview).

YOUTH LEADER – Trenton, Missouri

Youth Leader

Job Type:
Location: Shelburne Baptist Church: Trenton, MO 64683
Trenton, MO 64683Shelburne Baptist Church is seeking a youth leader to work with our middle and high school students.  We are looking for someone to invest in the lives of the students and to model and teach a passionate love for Jesus.  If you are interested, please contact Aaron or Michelle Stark 660-339-7323 or

YOUTH LEADER – Missouri Methodist Conference Office in their Camping Department

Spark Summer Leader Program

Category: Spark Summer`Leader Program
Job Type: Summer Opportunity
Location: Missouri Methodist Conference Office in their Camping Department

This opportunity is called the Spark Summer Leaders Program, it’s such a unique experience that you won’t get anywhere else. The time commitment is only four days a week (so you can still get another job/internship for the other three days). It will go from Thursday through Sunday each week for 10 weeks. You’ll get to help lead our weekend camps and spread contagious fun to communities all over the state of Missouri, meeting kids right where they’re at. Your job will be to help train our local volunteers, setting up (and getting to play on!!) all the fun equipment such as the rock wall, leading large group games, and making sure details are all set to help the camp run smoothly!

You can find more information and apply for an AMAZING summer here… !!! If you have any questions, please contact me, Abby Addleman, by email at, or by phone/text at 417-316-1935.

You can also find a blog post on some awesome reasons why working for a camp is the absolute BEST here…

WORSHIP LEADER – O’Fallon, Missouri

Worship Leader

Category: Worship Leader
Job Type: Part Time
Location: Liberty Church: O’fallon, MO


leading    worship    in    a    blended    or    contemporary    worship    setting


high    school    diploma;    some    college    preferred


• Salary/Wages:    $7,800/year    (negotiable    based    on    experience)

• Hours:    10    hrs/week;    part-time

• 3-4    Sundays    off    a    year

• Start    date:    April    2017


• strong    personal    relationship    with    Jesus

• must    be    able    to    play    and    lead    a    blended    worship    service    from    guitar    or    keyboard

• become    a    member    of    Liberty    Church


• Weekly    rehearsal    (Mondays    or    Tuesdays)

• Sunday    morning    rehearsal    9a-10:15am    (service    is    from    10:30a-12p)        • Choose    songs    from    current    songbook

• Find    new    songs    to    introduce    to    the    body    for    corporate    worship

• Lead    activities    related    to    praise    and    worship    for    weekly    worship    services    and    special    events    (4-5    times    a    year)    as    well    as    annual    church    conference    and    Christmas    Eve    service

• Plan    worship    service    with    pastors

• Develop    stable    praise    band    including    recruitment    and    training

• Attend    staff    and    elder    meetings    as    necessary    to    ensure    good    coordination    and    communication

• Use    Planning    Center    to    produce    worship    set    and    outline

To    apply:    Please    send    resume    along    with    three    references    including    current    pastor’s    reference.    Email    the    above    to