MBU’s chapel programs are planned to provide students, faculty, staff, and administration with a period devoted to spiritual and cultural development. Chapel is a central event of the University, meeting each Thursday of the semester and the first Tuesday of each month of the semester. While recognizing that chapel does not replace the local church, chapel does allow the MBU family to worship together and to learn together as we seek to make more and greater disciples of Jesus. The University invites a variety of Christian speakers to chapel, including influential leaders, musicians, pastors, missionaries, and more. Each speaker offers a Christ-centered perspective about their own fields and experiences for the encouragement and development of the MBU family. The chapel programs seek to engage and develop the convictions of students, faculty, staff, and administration. At the same time, chapel programs strive to cultivate of character and to promote social change through service and leadership in a global and culturally diverse society.

Chapel provides a variety of opportunities to students, faculty, staff, and administration. This includes a time to worship the Lord, to hear from the Scripture, to develop a biblical worldview, to learn about God’s work around the world, and to strength the integration of faith and learning.

Typically, there are also a variety of special chapel programs each year. These may include:
• President’s Chapel
• Fall Student Renewal
• Theater Arts Chapel
• Fall and Spring Speaker Series
• Homecoming Chapel
• Alumni Chapel
• Historical Society Chapel
• Missions Chapel
• Global Reach Chapel
• Enactus Chapel

For questions about chapel, please contact our Campus Minister here.