Logging into MyMBU: You should have received a letter in the mail or an email from MoBap with your student ID number and temporary password*. Use this information to log into MyMBU.

*You will be asked to change your password after your first login.


When you click on “Learn,” you will be directed to Canvas, the online learning program used by Missouri Baptist University. Your login information for Canvas is the same as MyMBU.

Home page:

  • “Recent Activity” displays notifications from all classes.
  • “Coming Up” displays assignments that are due soon.
  • “Recent Feedback” shows assignments that have recently been graded.

Courses tab: links to each class you are enrolled in for the semester

  • Each class page will give assignment details, syllabus information, grades, and notifications from the instructor. This is also where you will submit assignments online if instructor prompts you to do so.

*Each instructor holds the right to use Canvas as they desire. They will give specific details when you meet with them in class.

Grades tab: shows all course grades.


Access is a portal to access information regarding financial status, academic progress, course offerings, and tax information (if applicable).

My Bill: This is where you can make an online payment towards your bill. Click on “pay online” and go through the steps.

My Refund: International students who had more money placed into your account than needed to pay their dues will not be given a direct refund. Left over money will be applied to the next semester. Non-international students DO receive a direct refund, so do not compare your situations.

My Schedule: Access to your schedule for the semester and book information.

My Transcript: Access to your unofficial transcript. If you need an official transcript, you will need to visit the records office to obtain it.

My Housing: Gives details on your housing arrangements. This is also where you can find your address if you are wanting to receive mail.

Course Offering: Information regarding courses offered at all MoBap locations. You are on the MAIN campus, so be sure to select MAIN campus when researching courses offered.

Undergrad. / Grad. Degree Sheets: Access to all degree program requirements.


Your MoBap email is your student This is how your professors will get in contact with you. You need to check this every day.

Forwarding MoBap email to personal email:

  • Click on “options” in top, right hand corner > create an inbox rule
  • Create a new rule
  • Under “When the message arrives, and:” select “My name is in the To or Cc box.”
  • Under “Do the following:” select “Redirect the message to…”
  • In the “Message recipients” box at the bottom of the page, type in the email you would like your MoBap emails to be forwarded to.

You can also receive text messages from MoBap regrading school closings, safety issues, and other events.

DON’T MISS OUT ON YOUR CHANCE TO SLEEP IN! Text mbustudent to 313131.


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