A Day in the Spartan Life

A Day in the Life of an MBU Student

Welcome to MBU! Now, explore what one day of Spartan life may hold.


A typical day at MBU begins in the dorms. Students meet and mingle, have breakfast, and even do devotionals early in the morning. For “[i]n the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly” (Psalm 5:3).

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In the Spartan Village Row, each floor has a balcony overlooking campus. Students can often be found enjoying a cup of coffee on the balcony before class.

There are three different dormitories, and one apartment complex. Pillsbury-Huff is the men’s dorm, North Hall is the women’s dorm, and Spartan Village Row is a hybrid between traditional dorms and an apartment. Spartan Village Apartments offer the freedom of an apartment while also providing the benefit of living on-campus. Spartan Village South is the newest housing option on campus.  Students share a bedroom and bathroom with just their roommate, and can enjoy community living in the lobby or study room.

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A typical day will continue with classes. Students might head over to the administration building and attend a science lecture with Dr. Pieris, or go to the field house and attend a business lecture with professor Fuquay.

Students might also head over to the Academic Success Center (ASC), located beneath the cafeteria, to get some extra studying help before a big exam. The ASC can also help students write papers at a collegiate level and impress their professors.

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After classes, students might go hang out with friends in their dorm lobbies or rooms. They may even have another class in the Performance Hall or a meeting with a professor to discuss a project.

If they’re done with classes for the day, some students might drive downtown and explore the area around the historic St. Louis Arch–considered to be the “Gateway to the West.” This area is being completely redone, and when it is finished will be much like a park underneath the Arch with all sorts of activities. Downtown is a quick 20-minute drive away.

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Next stop, lunch! The cafeteria is by-far the students’ favorite hangout place–probably because of the “free” food (if they are on a meal plan). In the cafeteria, students will find the brio, a specialty pizza station, an entree station, a salad bar, and made-to-order sandwiches. And of course, don’t forget dessert.

There are a variety of options to suit every student’s palate and needs. The menu in the cafeteria changes daily, and is posted on the wall with nutritional facts and ingredients when students walk in.

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After class is over is a good time to hit the gym. MBU’s state-of-the-art workout facilities will suit every different student’s needs from yoga to an indoor track. MBU offers FREE fitness classes–yes, free, to students and staff. Other gyms around the area could cost upwards of $30-$60 a month. Fitness class schedules can be found in the Student Recreation Center outside the group fitness room.

Students may also enjoy an afternoon intramural game of soccer or flag football. The weather is perfect for running around and enjoying the crisp, cool air.

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Campus also features many benches, picnic tables, and seating areas for students to enjoy when the weather is just right. Outside the Perk Coffeehouse is one of the students’ favorite places to soak up some sun.

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The Perk Coffeehouse is Missouri’s largest on-campus coffee house, and is one of the students’ favorite hangouts as well. Seasonal items such as the Pumpkin Spice Latte and Caramel Apple Cider can be found in the Perk during the colder months. The Perk is a perfect place for an afternoon study session with classmates.

The library offers a good study space as well. It features many computers, a printer (free to students), and books–obviously. There is a reference room where you can find books for research papers and the Reference Librarian is eager to help students find sources for any sort of paper.

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On any given day, there are probably sporting events happening on campus. Catch a volleyball match in the gym or take a peek at the football team on a weekend. MBU loves when students are fans, and there is usually free food, too.

Special events usually accompany sporting events such as Homecoming, tailgates, fundraisers, and much more. There is always something to do when an MBU team has a home game.

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