Online Learning Help

The following are common errors that are possible reasons why you are unable to successfully log into myMBULearn.

You have mistyped your username or password.
Your myMBULearn username and password are the same as your MBU network username and password, which are used to access your MBU e-mail account and to log into computers on the Main Campus and the MBU Portal System.

Your technical settings on your computer are not set correctly.
In order to view myMBULearn correctly, the computer that you are using to access myMBULearn should have a number of settings enabled. In order to check that the settings are correct, please click here to access the Technical Settings for Accessing myMBULearn.

You do not have a myMBULearn account.
It is possible that a myMBULearn account has not yet been set-up for you. myMBULearn accounts are automatically generated for all currently enrolled students, and typically happens one semester in advance of the start of your course. If you are unsure whether or not you have a myMBULearn account, please complete a Distance Learning Help Ticket.

You do not have an MBU network account account.
An MBU network account should have been automatically created for you when you enrolled at Missouri Baptist University. You should have received an e-mail message containing instructions on how to log into our systems and how to register for Password Recovery. If you did not receive this e-mail message, please contact the MBU IT Office for assistance at (314) 392-2377 or

Need Further Assistance? 
If you can’t find the information you require please contact the MBU Center for Distance Learning here, at (314) 485-8441 or