Graduate Application Process FAQ

How do I apply for graduate school?

The application can be completed online at The application fee is waived when completed online.

What do I need to submit?

1. The free online application
2. One letter of recommendation
3. Professional statement essay
4. Official transcripts from each college attended.
5. A background check is also required. (MAC Students only)
6. A copy of Missouri certification is required (MEA and Ed.S Superintendent only).
7. Completion of the Missouri Educator Profile (MEP) is required (MEA & MAC only). It may be completed through the Missouri Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Education through the following link:
Once you have completed the profile, you may send the PDF of it to in Graduate Admissions.

For information about the national fingerprint background check, you may e-mail questions to the MBU Department of Public Safety at

What is the minimum GPA requirement for graduate school?

What is the minimum GPA requirement for graduate school?

For full acceptance, a 2.75 or higher is required. If a student has between a 2.5-2.74 GPA, they may be admitted probationally. Probational admittance requires that students maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher for the first 12 hours. Once the 12 hours have been successfully completed, students will be moved to full acceptance. Please note that ALL documents must be submitted before a student is reviewed for probational acceptance.

When can I start classes?

If your cumulative GPA is above a 2.75, you have a one semester grace period to register for classes before your file is complete. Once your application is processed, you may contact your advisor to register for class. If your cumulative GPA is a 2.74 or lower, or your undergraduate degree has not been conferred, you must submit ALL application materials before registering for class.

When can I get my financial aid?

All documents must be accepted by Graduate Admissions before financial aid is processed and applied. This includes athletic scholarships and grants. If students begin classes before obtaining full acceptance, financial aid cannot be applied to the student’s account until at least provisional acceptance has been obtained.

Are there any deadlines?

We do not have official deadlines but it is strongly recommended to start the application process 6-8 weeks prior to the start date. This allows ample time for acceptance and registration.

What part of the process takes the longest?

Transcripts can take up to 2 weeks to arrive. It is recommended that students start requesting transcripts as soon as possible. If the background check is required, it may take up to 6-8 weeks.

What is the Transcript Policy?

Official Transcripts must be sent directly to MBU from the institution. Only transcripts sent through the mail or electronically directly from the institution or electronic clearing house to: will be accepted as official. Any transcript received by fax, by mail from a student, or hand delivered cannot be accepted as an official copy – even if the transcript is unopened and marked official.

Mail Transcripts to:
Graduate Admissions
1 College Park Drive
St. Louis, MO 63141

How can I check on my status?

The MyMBU student portal on the website provides timely updates on what has been received. Students may also call the Graduate Admissions Office at any time to check on their status.

I have other questions that are not answered on here. Who can I call?

I have other questions that are not answered on here. Who can I call?
Please call the Graduate Admissions Office at 314.392.2327 or email

For Financial Services information, please contact the MBU Financial Services Office at 314.392.2366.