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What is EXCEL?
The EXCEL program was established in 1983 at Missouri Baptist University. It is a nationally accredited dual-credit program linking Missouri Baptist University and Missouri private and public high schools. Its primary mission is to offer qualified high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to enroll in challenging courses normally taken by MBU students during their freshman and sophomore years of college.

EXCEL serves over 40 high schools located in both the St. Louis metro area and in eastern and mid-Missouri communities. The program includes public and private high schools and provides classes in schools as large as 2,500 students and as small as 100 students.

EXCEL staff members visit participating high schools at the beginning of the semester and provide students with registration materials. Students register for EXCEL by completing and submitting the registration form to their high school’s designated EXCEL coordinator. These forms will only be accepted if they are submitted by the EXCEL counselor and are complete with the signatures of the student, parents/guardians and designated EXCEL coordinator. Each high school is given a deadline by which students must turn in completed registration forms to the designated coordinator. The deadline is announced during classroom registration visits by EXCEL staff or is announced by the course teacher. The EXCEL office only accepts completed registration forms that have been received by the deadline assigned to the high school site. Students may not enroll in a dual credit course after the registration deadline or after the course has ended.

Students register for the EXCEL program in their high schools near the beginning of each semester, pay a nominal hourly rate, complete class requirements to earn at least a grade of C, and then receive a grade from their classroom teacher. At this point they have a transferable college transcript on file at Missouri Baptist University that they can request to have sent to the college(s) or university(ies) of their choice. Students may include payment by check or money order with their registration form, or can choose to receive a bill four to six weeks after registration. This billed payment can be made by check, credit card or money order.

How does EXCEL differ from Advanced Placement?
EXCEL allows a student to be assessed for work during an entire semester, whereas AP credit is dependent on a one-time test.

For more information, contact the EXCEL office at Missouri Baptist University by e-mailing or by calling 314-392-2203.

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