Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

In keeping with the mission of Missouri Baptist University, the Social & Behavioral Sciences Division provides a curriculum that enables students to think critically and analytically, and in so doing, to think Christianly in the specific areas of the social and behavioral sciences. Students will gain a broad understanding of both theory and research in the major and/or minor areas, including majors in Behavioral Science, Criminal Justice, History, Human Services, Psychology and Social Sciences. Minors are offered in the areas of History, Human Services, Political Science, Psychology, Social Sciences and Sociology. Students majoring in Human Services and Criminal Justice also develop entry-level skills for employment in these fields to prepare them for their post-collegiate career.

Behavioral Science

The Behavioral Science major is organized within the context of an interdisciplinary liberal arts approach drawing from the disciplines of Criminal Justice, Human Services, Psychology, and Sociology. Learn More Continue Reading Behavioral Science

Criminal Justice

In accordance with the mission statement of Missouri Baptist University and the academic program, Criminal Justice is an area of study that seeks to provide Christ-centered quality higher education to traditional and adult students. Learn More Continue Reading Criminal Justice

Online Bachelor of Criminal Justice

Your online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Missouri Baptist University can set you up for a successful career in this lucrative and growing field. Start today with course options that fit into your busy lifestyle. Learn More Continue Reading Online Bachelor of Criminal Justice


Whether you major in history, minor in history or simply take some of our many available history courses, you will benefit from the unique mission of MBU’s History program and its dedicated Christian faculty as they help to prepare you for a future career in one of many possible fields of service. Learn More Continue Reading History

Human Services

Do you like to help people make changes in their lives? Are you passionate about helping children, youth and families in need? If so, then a career in the challenging and rewarding field of Human Services might be perfect for you. Learn More Continue Reading Human Services

Political Science

Missouri Baptist University offers a minor in Political Science (POLS) that will allow students to explore the philosophical and historical foundations, nature, purpose, and functions of political ideas and institutions in both the United States and other countries. The following courses are offered as a part of the general education requirements and/or the minor in Political Science.
Learn More Continue Reading Political Science


The mission of the Missouri Baptist University Psychology program is to educate students in the breadth and depth of the discipline of psychology and its practical applications. Learn More Continue Reading Psychology

Social Sciences

Whether you major or minor in Social Sciences at Missouri Baptist University, you will benefit from the unique mission of our Social Sciences program and its dedicated Christian faculty as they help prepare you for a future career. Learn More Continue Reading Social Sciences