Natural Sciences Division

The Natural Sciences division at Missouri Baptist University includes the areas of Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Science, and Physics. The division and its faculty are committed to education, professionalism and excellence within the framework of a Christian worldview and within the mission of the university as a whole.


Biochemistry applies the ideas and theories of chemistry to the complex realm of biological systems.
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Biology courses are offered to serve the needs of students in major and minor fields, as well as students in allied health and professional majors and non-science majors fulfilling general education and degree requirements. Learn More Continue Reading Biology


The Chemistry department offers major and minor degrees to provide quality academic experiences through intensive classroom instruction integrated with hands-on activities during laboratory sessions. Learn More Continue Reading Chemistry

Chemistry with Concentration in Forensic Science

This major prepares students for employment in forensic science and criminal investigation laboratories or for applying to graduate forensic chemistry programs. Learn More Continue Reading Chemistry with Concentration in Forensic Science


The biotechnology program is designed to serve those students interested in pursuing a career in research or higher academic degrees. Learn More Continue Reading Biotechnology


Mathematics plays a key role in understanding the principles of our physical environment and is an important tool in successful utilization and conservation of human, physical and financial resources. Learn More Continue Reading Mathematics


The Associate of Science degree with a concentration in Pre-Nursing is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the basic skills needed to prepare for a career in nursing. Learn More Continue Reading Pre-Nursing