Master of Arts: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The graduate program in Counselor Education at Missouri Baptist University is CACREP-aligned (not accredited yet). Our program trains graduate level counselors through rigorous academic and hands-on clinical instruction. We seek to develop conscientious, professional, and highly skilled counselors who promote and facilitate the personal growth, development, and empowerment of those clients/students they serve.

In addition, certification as a Psychological Examiner is a logical extension of the Counselor Education degree program. MBU offers this program for individuals who have a master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling, Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology or Education and who also possess classroom teaching, special education, or school counselor certification.

The Counselor Education program is rooted in our Christian faith that calls us to love God and love one another.

Courses offered in fall and spring will be 16-week courses, courses offered in the summer will be 8-week courses. The cohort will take two classes each fall, two classes each spring, and up to four classes each summer. Fall and Spring will be one night per week, two classes each night. Summer will be two nights each week.

Missouri Baptist University’s tuition is very competitive. The overall cost, including tuition and fees, is one of the lowest in the area of both private or public schools, and financial aid is available for eligible students. Please contact financial aid for details.

You can attend classes at any of our convenient instructional sites* including:



* Select courses are not offered at all locations.

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Earn your degree in 3 years while learning and using the latest techniques with some of the finest professionals in the counseling field. The CACREP-aligned (not accredited yet) program is built with you in mind, from the class times, certification qualification and flexible subject programs that allow you to focus on your current role or your next position.

As of summer 2017, this program is now offered in place of MBU’s previous Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC).

First Year:
COUN 5103 Foundations of Clinical Mental Health Counseling
COUN 5113 Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling
COUN 5121 Counseling Skills & Techniques Lab (1 hour)
COUN 5122 Counseling Skills & Techniques (2 hours)
COUN 5133 Counseling Theories
COUN 5143 Multicultural Counseling
COUN 5153 Advanced Human Development

Second Year:
COUN 5203 Psychopathology
COUN 5211 Group Counseling Lab (1 hour)
COUN 5212 Group Counseling (2 hours)
COUN 5253 Counseling Practicum
COUN 5263 Research & Program Evaluation in Counseling Settings
COUN 5223 Assessment & Testing
COUN 5233 Couples and Family Counseling
COUN 5243 Substance Abuse Counseling

Third Year:
COUN 5343 CMHC Internship I
COUN 5363 Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
COUN 5353 CMHC Internship II
COUN 5373 Supervision and Consultation
COUN 5313 Child and Adolescent Counseling
COUN 5303 Career Counseling
COUN 5323 Crisis, Trauma, & Disaster Counseling

Exit Exam: Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE)
(Required score: 95 out of 136)

Courses for Licensure cannot be taken online. Students seeking counselor licensure must also meet additional requirements beyond the master’s degree including: 1) weekly supervision of 3000 hours of counseling; and 2) pass the state licensure examination.

Clint Limoges, Ph.D., LPC

Director of Counselor Education
(314) 392-2379

Jan Speck, Ed.D., PSC

Assistant Professor of Counselor Education
(314) 744-5338

Christine Ward, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Counselor Education
(904) 662-9128

Laura Rauscher, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, ACS

Assistant Professor of Counselor Education
(314) 485-8464

Patrick Cleveland, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Counselor Education
(314) 392-2338

Mary Ann Conaway, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Counselor Education
(314) 392-2332

Charles Stikes, Ph.D.

Professor of Counseling and Sociology
(314) 744-5329