Middle Childhood Education

At the middle school level (grades 5-9), certification is offered in the following areas of concentration: Business Education, Language Arts, Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, and Speech/Theatre. These are available as stand-alone programs or in combination with secondary or other middle school content areas.

Students must meet all requirements for certification before this degree will be conferred, including passing the following: 1) all sections of the Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA); 2) the Professional Development Folio (semester prior to student teaching); 3) the Missouri Content Assessment(s) for each area of certification sought; 4) and the Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment (MoPTA) (completed during student teaching).

Applicable degrees: Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Arts


EDUC 210 Field Experience I Seminar

EDCL 211 Teaching Field Experience I

EDUC 213 Foundational Perspectives of Education

EDUC 301 Professional Growth and Portfolio Development

EDUC 303 Methods of Teaching

EDUC 373 Technology and Instructional Media

EDPS 383 Psychology of Teaching and Learning

PSYC 313 Human Growth and Development

EDUC 410 Field Experience II Seminar

EDCL 411 Teaching Field Experience II

EDPS 453 The Exceptional Child

EDRD 423 Integration of Literacy in the Content Areas

EDUC 401 Professional Growth and Portfolio Development

ETOP 423 Classroom and Behavior Management

EMCL 476 Student Teaching: Middle School

EDUC 471 Student Teaching Seminar

EDRD 453 Foundations of Literacy Instruction for Grades 5 - 12: Seminar and Field Experience

EDMS 443 Middle School: Philosophy, Organization

EDMS 463 Middle School: Curriculum, Instruction and Field Experience

EDEN 453 Teaching Language Arts and Composition in Grades 5 - 12: Seminar and Field Experience

ACCT 213 Principles of Financial Accounting

ACCT 223 Principles of Managerial Accounting

ECON 113 Macroeconomics

ECON 123 Microeconomics

BUSN 413 Business Law I

BUSN 423 Business Law II

ENGL 433 Business Writing

ITBU 203 Introduction to Application Development

BCIS 303 Information Technology Theory and Practice

EDMS 453 Teaching Business Education in Grades 5 - 12: Seminar and Field Experience

ENGL 333A American Literature I

ENGL 333B American Literature II

ENGL 353A British Literature I

ENGL 353B British Literature II

ENGL 453 History of the English Language

ENGL 473 Advanced Grammar

EDEN 453 Teaching Language Arts and Composition in Grades 5 - 12: Seminar and Field Experience

EDEN 463 Teaching Literature within the Curriculum

MATH 164 Calculus I

MATH 243 Probability and Statistics

MATH 323 Foundations of Geometry

MATH 353 Linear Algebra

EDSP 453 Teaching Remedial Math K - 12: Seminar and Field Experience

EDMS 473 Teaching Math Grades 5 - 12

CHEM 132 General Chemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 132 General Chemistry I Problem Solving

CHEM 133 General Chemistry I

BIOL 111 General Biology I Laboratory

BIOL 113 General Biology I

BIOL 121 General Biology II Laboratory

BIOL 123 General Biology II

PHYS 122 Geology & Earth Science Laboratory

PHYS 123 Geology & Earth Science

PHYS 383 Meteorology

BIOL 321A Environmental Science & Conservation Laboratory

BIOL 323A Environmental Science & Conservation

EDMS 483 Teaching Science Grades 5 - 12: Seminar and Field Experience

HIST 113 Western Civilization I

HIST 123 Western Civilization II

HIST 213 United States History I

HIST 223 United States History II

POLS 123 State and Local Government

ECON 113 Macroeconomics

ECON 123 Microeconomics

EDMS 323 Geographical Concepts for Grades 5 - 12

EDMS 433 Teaching Social Studies in Grades 5 -12: Seminar and Field Experience

THEA 113 Acting I

THEA 213 Stage Make-Up

THEA 233 Stagecraft

THEA 313 History of Theatre I

THEA 333 Directing

COMM 203 Understanding Human Communications

COST 403 Oral Interpretation of Literature

All degree plans reflect the new Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) certification rules which take effect August 1, 2017. Candidates able to complete all requirements for graduation and certification by July 31, 2017, may opt to finish under the outgoing compendium requirements.

Ms. Kathleen C. Wendt
Director of Teacher Certification Advising
Office: FLD-312
Phone: 314-392-2324

Mrs. Ricki Roth
Undergraduate Education Advisor
Office: FLD-349
Phone: 314-744-7656

Melanie Bishop, Ed.D

Dean, Education Division; Associate Professor of Education

Paula Bennett, M.A.

Associate Professor of Communications

Mary Ann Bouas, Ed.S.

Assistant Professor; Education Division Scheduling Coordinator; Undergraduate Advisor

Holly Brand, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

Sheri Brandt, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor; Dean of Troy/Wentzville RLC

James Chellew, M.A.

Site Coordinator, MBU in Arnold Regional Learning Center; Assistant Professor of Education

David Collum, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences; Data Analyst; Director of Assessment

Mary Ann Conaway, Ph.D.

Professor of Education

Tammy Cox

Assistant Professor, Director of Teacher Education

Tonia Crane, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education

Tim Delicath, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Educational Research

Diane Denney, Ph.D.

Professor of Education; Director of Special Education

Mark Engelhardt, Ph.D.

Professor of Education

Amber Henry, Ed.D.

Professor of Education, Dean Jefferson County and Farmington Regional Learning Centers

Edward Hillhouse, Ed.D.

Professor of Education; Dean, Franklin County Regional Learning Center

Susan K. Hladky, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Education; Director of Field Experience

Clint Limoges

style=”color: #000000;”>Director of Counselor Education

Alicia Noddings, Ed.D.

Assistant Dean, Education Division; Assistant Professor; Director of Early Childhood & Early Childhood Special Education

Lowell Pitzer, M.A.

Coordinator of Physical and Health Education Programs; Assistant Professor of Education

Laura Rauscher, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Education and Counseling

Larry Richardson, M.S.Ed.

Coordinator of Graduate Advising; Instructor of Human Services and Counseling

Julia Schroeder, Ph.D.

Professor of Education and Natural Sciences; Dean – Southern Illinois Regional Learning Centers
618-985-3741, ext. 8114

Shelton Smith. Ed.D.

Director of K-12 Educational Leadership Programs; Professor of Education

Thomas M. Smith, Ed.D.

Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics; Professor of Education/Health and Sport Sciences

C. Scully Stikes, Ph.D.

Professor of Counseling and Sociology

Marsha Tierney, M.S.

Site Coordinator, Franklin County Regional Learning Center; Assistant Professor of Education

C. Clark Triplett, Ph.D.

Vice President for Graduate Studies and Academic Program Review; Acting Director of the Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership; Professor of Psychology and Sociology 

Christine Ward

Assistant Professor Counseling