Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator in Career Services

MBU is now accepting applications for the position of Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator in Career Services. All interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume and statement of faith via email to Kim Grey, Associate Dean of Students, Director of Career Services at

Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator

Department: Career Services

Job Function:

In accordance with University policies, procedures, programs and budgets the Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Associate Dean of Students, Director of Career Services with the facilitation, organization and maintenance of all office functions and services.

The Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator reports directly to the Associate Dean of Students/Director of Career Services and works closely with him/her in planning, implementing and delivering services to all students and alumni.

Responsibilities and Authority:

·      Assist Associate Dean of Students, Director of Career Services with planning, coordinating, facilitating, managing and overseeing all office activities, events, programs and services.

·      Responsible for maintaining and updating all files, information, databases and other relevant resources in Career Services and other areas under the direction of the Associate Dean of Students, Director of Career Services.

·      Responsible for contacting and following-up with students and alumni to obtain employment and other relevant data in an effort to generate more thorough reports.

·      To coordinate and maintain a current internship and practicum database each semester for students and faculty.

·      Assist Associate Dean of Students, Director of Career Services in maintaining contact with employers to clarify their needs for current and future employment opportunities.

·      Coordinating and communicating with students, alumni and academic departments to inform them of career opportunities and resources provided through the Career Services Department.

·      Collecting, maintaining, creating and distributing reports which provide the university with current data on student employment and persistence after graduation. Is also responsible for developing other relevant reports which support the function of the Department.

·      Organize and maintain a solid database of employers and/or contacts to better serve and connect students/alumni with opportunities in their career field.

·      Assist Director with coordinating, organizing and overseeing employer campus recruitment visits, interviews, information sessions and other events.

Office and Administrative Functions:

·      Train and oversee student work staff within the Career Services Department Assist director in developing, coordinating and assessing of departmental goals and objectives.

·      Coordinate with students and employers by handling and distributing credentials and/or resumes for employment purposes when applicable.

·      Experience working in an office environment with comprehension and knowledge of fax, copy and other related office equipment.

·      Creative qualities with knowledge of display and presentation styles.


The Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator will observe the following relationships:

The Associate Dean Of Students, Director of Career Services: The Administrative Assistant and Office Coordinator is accountable to the Associate Dean of Students/Director of Career Services for the fulfillment of his/her assigned responsibilities and to effectively maintain and administer services in his/her absence.

The Assistant Director of Career Services: The Administrative Assistant/ Office Coordinator will work closely and collaboratively with the Assistant Director of Career Services to effectively communicate office activities, events and services to the campus community.

Student Workers: The Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator helps to oversee Student Work Assistants that all assigned duties are being accomplished and the proper office procedures are being met to maintain the quality of service administered by the Career Services Office.

Performance Measurement Criteria:

The Associate Dean of Students, Director of Career Services will conduct an annual analysis of overall performance to focus on the Administrative Assistant/ Office Coordinator departmental strengths and weaknesses, and to review his/her accomplishments, objectives and future goals.

Job Requirements:

Education and Experience:

·      Bachelor’s degree preferably in the area of college student personnel, social science, business or communications.

·      Experience working in Career Services, Higher Education or related field.

·      Experience working in an academic environment preferred

Personal Qualities:

·      Integrity, confidence, positive, patient, committed and self-disciplined.

·      Must possess good judgment, understanding and an attitude of service in relating to the concerns and needs of students

·      Must be able to maintain flexibility, positive demeanor and an ability to adapt in stressful situations due to certain unpredictable demands of the position.

·      Must be self-sufficient and capable of juggling multiple tasks in an organized and timely manner.

Management Skills:

·      Must possess human relations and good project management skills with the ability to handle and accomplish a variety of tasks within necessary deadlines.

·      Must exhibit solid administrative and organizational skills with knowledge of budgeting and the ability to function within the constraints of office budget.

·      Must maintain professionalism in appearance, dress and interaction with students and employers.

·      Must be capable of setting goals to enhance productivity and to accomplish routine tasks.

·      Possess a desire and ability to set current and future goals that will enhance the quality of services provided by the department as a whole.

Interpersonal Skills:

·      Must possess a high level of maturity in dealing with situations or matters that require extreme confidentiality.

·      Must have the ability to communicate, interact and work collaboratively with employers, students, alumni, university staff, academic departments, Student Development colleagues and outside organizations.

·      Must possess good written and oral communication skills. Computer literate with knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs and applications including: excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and internet based applications. Experience with other desktop publishing or presentation applications is desirable.

Spiritual Qualities:
Must possess a commitment to Christianity, Christian values and testimony.

Salary and Benefits:
Salary based on education, experience and proven accomplishments